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Securing everything that matters

In the fast changing scope of IT environments, the definition of enterprise is not traditional anymore. Enterprise is not defined by the location of a business, but the data and assets that the business runs on. Protecting your data, assets and their integrity is key to your success. Enterprise Security entails not just protecting your devices, but is a combined effort that involves multiple elements such as, Application Security, Information Security, Disaster Recovery, End-User Education and others. 

JRH has implemented Enterprise security for wide range of clients including Federal Agencies, Small Business and other commercial customers.

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Making sure things are in place

Identifying vulnerabilities and risks is the first step in being proactive at securing your environment. Vulnerabilities and risks emerge every day with in the networks, applications and databases due to software defects or misconfiguration of information systems and those can be exploited by cyber attackers, it is essential to eliminate these exposures before anything happens to protect your critical IT assets and safegaurd sensitive information.

JRH performs vulnerability assessments of your environment and provides solution for automated and recurring vulnerability scanning that delivers vulnerability scan reports, remediation recommendations, and the ability to track workflow, reporting, and trending of your environment.


24/7 monitoring of your assets

Continuous monitoring enables information security professionals and others to see a continuous stream of near real-time snapshots of the state of risk to their security, data, the network, end points, and even cloud devices and applications. Assessing security controls as well as ongoing monitoring of security controls are both directly assisted by continuous monitoring through vulnerability monitoring processes.

Our team excels in providing continuous monitoring and protection solutions to our clients along with predictive threat analysis of their environment in a cost-effective manner.

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